The German submarines of World War II are referred to in the US as “U-boats”, a nickname derived from the German word for submarine: “Unterseeboot”. This 1/100 scale paper model of a type VII C U-boat was created by U-Don’s Factory.  Printable PDF templates and instructions for the sub are […]

The United States M3 Lee tank was named after the Confederate general Robert E. Lee. The M3 first saw action in World War 2 in 1941. A total of 6,258 of the tanks were manufactured. This small (1/72 scale) paper model of the tank was created by Box Studio of […]

During World War II, the US military used Willys MB Jeeps while the German army used Type 82 Kübelwagens. Kübelwagens were designed and built by Volkswagen at the request of the Third Reich. This 1:17 scale paper model of a Kübelwagen was created by Toni Mauricio. The PDF template for […]

An aerosani, in basic terms, is a propeller driven snowmobile. During World War II, the Soviet Union produced a military aerosani with the designation “RF-8/GAZ-98”. It was a two man craft designed for reconnaissance missions in northern climates. The driver of the vehicle sat in the rear, while a machine […]

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