The sole purpose of building this RC airboat is that I need a rescue boat for my RC seaplane. Just in case the seaplane has malfunctioned in the middle of the lake or failed take off or crash on landing, I could rescue it with RC airboat and bring back […]

Sometime ago there was a comment in one of my videos about request a cartoon style of fatty RC plane, but that time I was not interested for making that type of model, because I like scale model. Then about a month ago my friend brought his fatty RC plane […]

Page 1 of 2 I already put an eye on this beauty, the T-2 Buckeye for quite sometime and now this time I share my build. This time I just want to make my dream jet, not to bother to simplify the shape, no detachable wing, no easy build, I […]

Article Index Bango 2 RC Trainer Plane for Beginner Page 2 All Pages Page 1 of 2 Bango v2 is an answer to many request for another simple plane design and a trainer for beginner. It was designed to surpass Bango v1 performance. The main goal is still the same, […]

Article Index PZL-104 Wilga RC Plane Page 2 Page 3 All Pages Page 1 of 3 Wilga is my third homemade/ DIY RC model, I built in in 2013. Some have request for me to release the build video. The first version is very detailed and very hard to make, […]

Page 1 of 2 Many have requested this RC model plane, this is Sky Arrow with 1700mm wingspan. Its wing loading can be categorized as a trainer plane. It has big canopy and room for storage make it perfect for FPV platform. It can fly slow and very easy to […]

Page 1 of 2 This is the final part of Boeing 737-300 building video series. In this episode I am going to share with you the rest of the build to finish this RC airliner which are, making dummy engines, motor mounting, install electronics like ESC, servo and pushrods, paint […]

Page 1 of 2 I redesign my old plans on this GA8 Airvan RC plane model. This new version has better performance on flight, more lift, more stable and easier to control. I made the airfoil thicker than the first version. This model is made out of 5 mm polyfoam […]

In this episode we’ll making wing mounting, tail section and stabilizers. The tail section and stabilizers construction are pretty straight forward and all made out of foam sheet, no need for hard spars. Only the vertical stabilizer that needs a small plywood part. The plane so far is very light […]

Page 1 of 2 This is my first model that is using EDF or Electric Ducted Fan. I choose the C variant of F-35 aircraft, mainly because it has bigger wing, I wanted to make sure that it will have enough wingloading to fly. In this model I also share […]

Page 1 of 2 In this episode on How to Make RC Airliner Boeing 737-300 part 2, I’m going to share with you on how to build the wing and install the retractable landing gear to the wing and how to join the wing. In the beginning I also made […]

Page 1 of 2 I miss flying FPV but I don’t have any plane for that. My last FPV plane, the Sky Arrow 1700 mm is crashed and beyond any repair. So I made this RC plane that I named it “Walet”. Walet is an Indonesian name for “Swallow”, a […]

There are many request for me to build an RC airliner. I once build a small Boeing 737-800 in the past, the wingspan only 1400 mm/55 inch with pusher prop. But I haven’t made the build video tutorial of it and the plans for you to build. So here it […]

Article Index RC PT-17 Stearman Biplane Page 2 All Pages Page 1 of 2 This one is my most favorite RC plane I’ve ever build. The first one was 7 years ago. I already build this 5 times and this is the last version, now complete with plans and build […]

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