These origami easter eggs are made using accordion folds. These origami eggs are a nice springtime ornament, hang them up as Easter decorations or make pop-up cards with these paper eggs. This year, I want to post holiday related origami well in advance of the actual date of the holiday. […]

Learn how to make an origami Christmas tree envelope. These origami envelopes or pockets are perfect to write Xmas messages or give little gifts such as money, gift cards or even tea! No glue required. Who likes tea? I know a lot of people who do, you could make a […]

How to fold a pretty 3D origami Christmas tree. This little origami tree sits inside a pot, decorate with a star on top or other kinds of Xmas decorations. This origami tree uses the accordion folding technique. It’s a bit fiddly but hopefully it’s worth the challenge. I recommend using […]

Learn how to make a special origami pinwheel with a pinwheel on both sides. It will spin in both directions! Made from 1 sheet of square paper, no glue or cutting required. They make really nice hanging decorations & even earrings. The pinwheel on the back is the inverse colour […]

Learn how to make a set of stackable origami boxes. These square origami boxes are made from 1 sheet of paper, no glue is required. Makes a great gift box or useful organisation for stationery or jewellery. The design of this box uses a well-known twisting method. This box actually […]

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