The Nike of Samothrace or “Winged Victory” statue is one of the most famous statues on display at the Louvre Museum in Paris. It is thought to have been sculpted in the 2nd century BC as part of a monument to commemorate a naval victory. This simplified 3D polygonal paper […]

Mike vom Mars used Cinema4D 3D modeling software to create a make-believe medieval castle. He then exported the model to Pepakura Designer and created a papercraft template. Pictured is a photo of the finished paper model with some grass and trees added for effect. Mike admits the architecture of the […]

The Chevrolet El Camino was first introducing in 1959. Called a “coupe utility vehicle” by some, it was basically a station wagon adapted to have a bed like a truck. The El Camino proved popular enough that Chevy continued to produce the vehicle through the 1987 model year. This paper […]

Here is the third entry in my ongoing series of paper toy books. This papercraft is of the handbook from the movie, Beetlejuice. In the film, the book is given to a recently deceased couple to help them adjust to having become ghosts forced to haunt their former residence. The […]

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