I don’t know much about this 1:160 scale papercraft house, but I like it. ­čÖé Here’s what I do know: the house was created by German designer Christian Meyert├Âns and the title of the papercraft is “Spreewaldhaus”. I assume the name of the house means it is the kind of […]

This paper toy of Disney’s Moana was created by the Korean website “PopPaper”. Moana is a Polynesian princess who goes on an ocean journey to find a way to save her island from a terrible blight (thus the oar in the paper toy’s hand). She is accompanied on her quest […]

An aerosani, in basic terms, is a propeller driven snowmobile. During World War II, the Soviet Union produced a military aerosani with the designation “RF-8/GAZ-98”. It was a two man craft designed for reconnaissance missions in northern climates. The driver of the vehicle sat in the rear, while a machine […]

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